Our rates

Vespa Piaggio 125
Days EuroEuroEuroEuro
1 35€45€55€65€
2 70€90€110€130€
3 95€125€155€185€
4 120€160€210€240€
5 145€195€255€295€
6 170€230€300€350€
7 190€260€340€400€
Vespa Piaggio GTS 250 IE
Days EuroEuroEuroEuro
1 40€50€60€70€
2 80€100€120€140€
3 110€140€170€200€
4 140€180€230€260€
5 170€220€280€320€
6 200€260€330€380€
7 225€295€375€435€
Vespa Piaggio GTS 300 IE
Days EuroEuroEuroEuro
1 45€55€65€75€
2 90€110€130€150€
3 125€155€185€215€
4 160€210€240€280€
5 195€255€295€345€
6 230€300€350€410€
7 260€340€400€470€


All price include VAT

What's included

The rate includes: Unlimited mileage, liability insurance with damage and theft deductible of €800.00, helmet with visor for the driver and balaclava, anti-theft chain or disc lock, rear luggage rack, luggage strap, helmet for the passenger and the top case as an alternative to the rear luggage rack

What's not included

Security Deposit

A security deposit equal to the amount of the chosen deductible will be required at the time of rental, to be paid by credit card (Visa and / or Mastercard) or in cash. Deposits by checks, Bancomats, or debit cards will not be accepted. The security deposit by credit card is not a charge, but only a pre-authorization that is carried out to verify the availability of the requested sum. This sum will be refunded upon return of the motorcycle, after ascertaining the absence of defects or damage to the motorcycle, helmet and to all other equipment, if paid in cash, or automatically released after a period of about 20-30 days if withheld by credit card with pre-authorization procedure.

Minimum and maximum age

For the rental, the driver must be at least 21 years old and not exceed the age limit of 80.

Driving license validity

For the rental, the driver must show a valid driving license issued for at least one year.


You can rent a Vespa via PayPal, Credit Card (VISA and / or MASTERCARD), Bank transfer (this option is NOT available in August) and also on site with ATM / Debit Card and cash. Checks are not accepted.

Fuel and Refueling Service

All vehicles are delivered with a full tank of petrol. In the event that the Vespa is not returned with a full tank, a supplement of €15.00 will be charged for the refueling service in addition to the missing fuel.


The updated rates are shown in the booking form. Complete the booking form to receive a quote. The model included in the motorcycle section is representative of the current fleet and is indicative of the characteristics of the bike you will receive, but this may vary based on availability. The table at the top of the page shows the daily rates

Out of hours

Any deliveries outside of opening hours (before 09:00 or after 21:00) are subject to our confirmation. For this service, the customer will be required to pay a supplement of €30.00 on delivery.


There is a maximum grace period of 30 minutes in the delayed return of the Vespa, beyond which an extra rental day will be charged.


The rental is paid in advance with the options displayed in the payments section. For non-collection or cancellation of the reservation by the customer less than 21 days from the expected pickup date there is no refund; reservations cancelled more than 21 days from the rental date can be refunded 50% of the amount paid.

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